July 21, 2021

10 reasons why you need a mist cooling system

A mist cooling system is an efficient way to cool buildings, both indoor and outdoor areas with using very little water and energy. Misting systems are a great alternative to air conditioning or other options for temperature control in the case of power outages.

Here are 10 reasons why you need a mist cooling system:

- mist systems are considered as the most efficient and environmentally friendly cooling technique

- they help in creating a cool environment without using very much water or energy, making them great for outdoor areas such as patios, terraces, or poolside. Outdoor misting is also an excellent way to keep plants from getting scorched by sunlight

- because of their high-efficiency rate, it typically takes 20 minutes to heat up while taking no more than five minutes to get back down into its initial temperature when powered on again after turning off. This means that even if the power goes out you won’t have long periods of time where your building will be unbearably hot

- there are times during the day when electricity rates can be higher for running an air conditioning system. Mist cooling system is a replacement option for those times, providing a cooling effect at just twice the cost of an energy-efficient air conditioner

- mist systems are also more environmentally friendly and don't use any ozone-depleting substances.

- they work in conjunction with solar control films or other shading devices that keep heat out during the day and cool in hot climates while blocking infrared radiation from sunlight during night hours when temperatures fall below freezing

- there is no worry about refrigerants leaking into your homes like it does with traditional AC units; which can be harmful to our environment because it's classified as a greenhouse gas responsible for global warming

- since these systems operate by spraying water minute particles, chilling effects is higher and faster, meaning that its cooling effects are felt right away

- the system can be used in both indoor and outdoor areas. Unlike traditional air conditioning systems which require a high humidity level to cool an area efficiently, misting systems work well with low humidity levels too

- they deliver higher humidities than evaporative coolers so it provides better relief from dry skin or other respiratory ailments like asthma caused by lower moisture content in the air due to climate change or higher altitude. They also offer more comfort for people who have sensitivities to chemicals found in some mechanical filters of AC units

- because there is less pressure on the compressor unlike conventional AC compressors, there is no need for regular maintenance such as replacing seals and oil every few years. Only the maintenance of misting pump, nozzles, and misting line is enough to keep it running smoothly

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