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    With our Distributor network all over India, We undertake Mist Cooling System, Mist Spray System, Industrial Spraying and Humidification System Installation and maintenance in every nook and corner of India and Overseas too
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    Fogging Systems, Misting System, and Mist Cooling systems for mushroom cultivation farms and Greenhouse. Best cooling system for mushroom cultivation maintaining Humidity.
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    Keep your Vegetables and Fruits fresh with our Truemist Misting and Fogging System longer time at a lower cost. Misting systems are energy efficient and consume very less water.


Truemist Misting and Fogging System offers innovative, high-performance mist cooling and misting systems for industrial, commercial, and residential applications. As a leading manufacturer of misting systems in India, We have in-house manufacturing capabilities to manufacture nozzles and other associated accessories.

Truemist Misting and Fogging System operates from Chennai and supplies through our India to customers in cities including Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Gurgaon, Delhi region, and Tinsukia (Assam). We work along with Industrial ventilation system manufacturers and offer a wide range of mist system configurations to satisfy customer requirements.

In addition to regular misting accessories, we also offer integration of misting controls with industrial building ventilation system and industrial roof ventilation system and helps our customer manage their misting system remotely using automatic ON OFF timers, Sensor-based system activation, and Remote monitoring and other control options with temperature and humidity controllers.

As processed RO water is required for mist spray system operations,  We help integrate the rainwater harvesting system to reduce the operational cost. It helps saving water as well as other associated costs in maintaining the regular RO water system.


We make your environment cooler

Mist Cooling System makes the whole environments around you cool be it a industry, homes, roofs. At affordable price, Truemist Misting and Fogging System brings this energy efficient system across India.
Mist Cooling System



Misting pumps enhance the overall system’s effectiveness to cool outdoor areas by creating a finer mist. The smaller water micron droplets produced by our misting pumps flash evaporate and cool the area quickly.TrueMist pumps are perfect for both residential, commercial as well as industrial applications. Our 1000 psi mist system pumps are designed to be a continuous duty. We offer many different misting pumps with pressure as low as 7 bar and up to 300 bar


Misting nozzles function in cooling by atomizing pressurized water into aerosol particles that “flash-evaporate”. TrueMist Nozzles is available in High-Pressure Specification as well as Low-Pressure specification with both Stainless steel  and brass construction.


Misting accessories like sensors, auto timers and remote monitoring systems are available along with all required fittings


Misting tubes to support all of your misting needs from outdoor cooling and fogging effects to humidification and dust control. Works best in various environmental conditions.


Water mist system filters are available in the various specifications including Industrial grade stainless steel filters and UF Filters


Misting System Installation & Maintenance

Truemist provides Misting system and fogging cooling system installation service throughout India. 

Mist Cooling System Rental

Truemist provides Mist system and fogging cooling system rental service throughout India.
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About Misting Cooling System

Mist Cooling systems use evaporated cooling mechanism and it works perfectly in dry weather conditions. They work averagely in humid weather conditions and can reduce dust, odors and static electricity, as well as flying insects such as Mosquitoes, Bugs etc. It also helps to regulate and maintain humidity for Plants, Greenhouses, Homes, Atrium, Courtyards, Patios, Hotels, Restaurants, etc.

Three types of Misting / fogging systems are available.
Low-Pressure misting system
Mid Pressure misting system
High-pressure misting system
A Low-Pressure misting system is almost like a sprinkler system, where the water droplet size is between 50 – 80 microns. The system consists of PU or Nylon Tubing with Plastic or SS (Stainless Steel) connectors, which are attached with SS 316 grade or Brass Nozzles. It is a very simple and less expensive system of all, as the working pressure will be in the range of 10 bar or less. This system is more efficient in area where wetting is required such as indoor gardening etc.

One of the most popular models of low-pressure systems is the TrueMIST Eco. This system is affordable and easy to attach. Some of these systems make use of a pump that puts those in the range of Medium Pressure systems.
A Medium Pressure misting system uses a motorized pump to raise the pressure to 20 to 35 bar. The pump, motor, tubes, fittings and nozzles are all rated to work within this range. The spray is fine enough to cool you in a hot and dry weather, it is less likely to get you wet and can also provide more cooling than a Low-pressure system. A simple solution to prevent wetting and to keep humidity levels down, a recycle timers can be incorporated, this timer makes the pump run for example, 2 minutes and then shuts off for 3 minutes and then starts up again in cyclic mode.
A High-Pressure system will give the maximum cooling compared to any misting system available as it works with pressure above 35 bar, even in areas with high humidity, without getting anything wet. Our systems are designed to produce very fine mist which will give you enough cooling to make it feel like a regular winter’s day. High grade Nylon High Pressure tubes with SS connectors and Nozzle make up part of this system, which provide the best output as well as long life in terms of usage. Misting systems over 35 bar are known as a high pressure misting systems and its maximum efficiency can be achieved around 55 – 80 bar (800 – 1200 psi). As with all mist systems, each and every component must be rated to work within the same range of water pressure.

Medium and High-Pressure systems use pumps to increase the water pressure from any water or gravity-fed source that already has some water pressure, or a ground source such as a pond or tank with still water that has no pressure. They can be used in all places that require good, natural – like cooling. Example: Venues, Auditoriums, Indoor and outdoor cooling, Sports arenas, Outdoor work areas etc.
Truemist Misting and Fogging System offers a Dynamic solution by creating a visual fog that makes it seem and feel like you are in a hill station in the middle of summer. When attached to high-pressure pumps, water is forced through nozzles, forming droplets that evaporate into mist as they reach the outdoor atmosphere. This can thereby reduce the temperature by up to 12 degrees Celsius. When the mist cooling system is placed in a confined indoor area, it will not only provide a cool-mist but also increase humidity.

Necessary knowledge is required before selecting the right misting system for the right purpose. We will guide you through the options available.


What Makes a best Misting System? 

A high-pressure mist cooling system helps reduce water and energy consumption by 85% compared to a conventional cooling system like an air conditioner or Chiller units, helping customers to save electricity as well as contain cost.

Low pressure misting system are budget friendly but wets the subject area. It may be suitable for application which requires a certain amount of water as well as cooling like watering the plants, increasing the moisture contents 

Difference in droplet size?

Each misting system serves a particular category of purpose or its use and this is mainly classified based on the size of the droplet of water that is being misted. A misting systems mechanism works by drawing in heat from its surroundings in order to vaporize the liquid, thereby cooling the surrounding air. The droplets thus produced are used for different applications across various fields, whether its domestic or industrial. The water droplets vary from 5 – 80 microns and therefore the right system can be chosen based on this size. 

Here are some examples of Industries that use Mist Cooling system

Industrial Misting Systems

Industrial misting system is a setup high-pressure misting pumps and misting nozzles. Industrial mist Cooling systems use atomized water to cool down the air around the area without getting wet mainly for cooling and dust control applications. Industrial outdoor and indoor misting provides a practical way to keep dust free, odour free and heat free. We are the manufacturers and suppliers of Industrial mist cooling system.

Mist Cooling Systems

Misting systems are ideal for cooling down outdoor areas such as restaurants, patios, golf courses, tennis courts, amusement parks and more. A mist cooling system helps reduce the temperature by 12 degree Celsius. When installed near your patio, fountain, or outdoor pool, an outdoor mist cooling system can keep you comfortable, no matter how high the thermostat gets. Outdoor mist cooling systems propel the tiniest water droplets into the air, keeping things cool without wetness if designed properly.


Humidification systems use fog to add humidity to areas such as greenhouses and warehouses. Many industries depend on climate control for their plants or products to flourish, and fog humidification systems are the ideal solution. If you need humidification in your greenhouse, textile plant, printing facility, or wine storage area, etc., humidification systems can help you save money and boost profitability.

Dust Suppression System

In many industries, creation of dust is unavoidable. Therefore, large amounts of dust as a by-product of business operations can be harmful to workers as well as the environment. Indoor and outdoor production companies rely on dust suppression equipment to minimize airborne dust and comply with business regulations. Quality dust suppression systems propel high-pressure fog mist to latch onto dust particles and effectively control dust.

Odor Control System

Many businesses across numerous industries require industrial odor control to comply with strict regulations. Some common businesses that rely on industrial odor control systems are wastewater treatment facilities, cannabis cultivation and waste transfer stations. If your company depends on odor control to stay in business and craft quality products, it’s important to have a reliable industrial odor control system. Greenly offers solutions for both indoor and outdoor industrial odor control, with systems that provide total odor elimination.

Special Effects

Whether you would like to improve the aesthetics of your business for your customers or would simply like to improve the look of your outdoor patio, pool, photo-shoots, weddings, events etc. as special effects are a great option. We install magical fog effects to gardens, walkways, and more. All special effects can be used for industrial, residential and commercial purposes.


Beaches, swimming pools, aqua parks, holiday villages, Walkways (cooling, scenic performance)
Resorts (cooling, humidification, scenic performance)
Bars, Restaurants, Hotels (cooling, scenic performance)
Factory farming (cooling, insect removal)
Greenhouses (humidification, cooling)
Animal Farms (Cooling)
Industrial warehouses (cooling, humidification, dust and odors suppression)
Wineries (humidification, cooling)
Quarries (dust suppression)
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