July 24, 2021

A/C pre cooling mister system kit - reduce the temperature in A/C condenser, save energy and improve ROI

We all know that the air conditioning system plays a major role in reducing temperature and humidity for people to live comfortably. That is why it is imperative to take care of your ac system if you want it to last longer. One way of doing this is by using an ac pre-cooling mister kit. The mist from the water droplets will lower down the temperature on your condenser, which will save energy and improve Roi!

If you live in a hot and humid country, it is important to take care of your ac condenser.

- water mist system cools the condenser coil by misting it with small droplets of water

- 18% less electricity will be used when compared to other pre cooling methods.

- the misting system is eco friendly and requires little maintenance.

- there are no chemicals that need to be mixed or added, so it is safe for children and pets as well.

  • Keeping heat-generating equipment running a peak performance and optimal output.

Cooling uses very less water and is totally safe for the environment!

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