June 15, 2020

Benefits of mist cooling system

A good quality outdoor mister is a perfect system that can be installed to cool the outdoor area by 12 degrees all along the summer season.

Misting for Cooling Outdoor Spaces in restaurants, gardens, resorts, greenhouse are simple to use, less energy consumption and economical too. They utilize a fine water mist to cool your outside areas. These systems are coming with adjustable nozzles, nylon hoses, draining valves and hanging clamps. A Commercial Misting Systems are one of those that can give you cool air even in the hot weather conditions.

Entry level outdoor cooling systems can run 5 to 6 hours. Top class outdoor misting systems can work approximately 24 hours in a day, with the very low noise level.

Water mist systems Mist & Fog are the perfect solution and a unique method to create a cool micro-climate by spraying a simple, natural and ecological way of solving environmental problems resulting heat.

Benefits of micro-climate system:

Reduction in room temperature to 12 ° C
Refreshes the environment and clean the air of impurities.
Minimum consumption of water and energy.
Repels flying insects.

Application includes following areas.
Area Playground
Playgrounds, playgroups, playgrounds … Generate a cool micro-climate for the enjoyment of the smallest in its playgrounds.

Shopping Centers
HVAC commercial and shopping areas centers.Potency comfort of clients in outdoor spaces at any time of the day doing the shopping area an ideal place for trade.

Hotels, Restaurants, Pubs, clubs, Chill Outs … To ensure customer comfort, differentiating and profitable the facilities even during the hottest hours of the day.

Sports facilities
Training camps, paddle, Tee practices. Encourage the enjoyment of sports practices allowing a better use of the facilities, extending the hours of use of the same in optimum environmental comfort.

Decks, porches, gazebos, pergolas. Create your own oasis of natural freshness.

Temperature reduction in urban areas, historical centers, pedestrian malls, boulevards and tourist areas. Generate areas of natural freshness for locals and tourists.

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