Misting systems are a popular choice for outdoor mist cooling, such as patios, decks, and outdoor dining spaces. They work by spraying a fine mist of water droplets into the air, which evaporates and cools the surrounding area. However, when it comes to installing a misting system, there are several common mistakes that can impact the system's performance and longevity. In this blog, we will discuss the top five mistakes to avoid when installing a misting system.

1. Choosing the Wrong Misting System

One of the most significant mistakes people make when installing a misting system is choosing the wrong type of system. There are two main types of misting systems: high-pressure and low-pressure systems. High-pressure systems use a pump to generate pressure and create a fine mist, while low-pressure systems rely on gravity to distribute water through the nozzles.

While low-pressure systems are cheaper and easier to install, they are less effective at cooling and produce larger droplets, which can leave surfaces wet. On the other hand, high-pressure systems are more effective at cooling, produce a finer mist, and can cover a larger area. However, they are more expensive and require professional installation.

Before installing a misting system, consider the size of the area to be cooled, the humidity level, and the desired level of cooling. Consulting with a professional can help you choose the right type of system for your needs.

2. Improper Placement of Misting Nozzles

The placement of misting nozzles is critical to the effectiveness of a misting system. If the nozzles are too far apart, the mist may not be distributed evenly, resulting in hot spots in the area. If the nozzles are too close together, the mist may be too dense, resulting in excess moisture and potential damage to surfaces.

To ensure optimal coverage and cooling efficiency, misting nozzles should be placed strategically. Factors to consider when placing nozzles include the size and shape of the area to be cooled, the location of people and objects in the area, and the direction of the wind. Consulting with a professional can help you determine the best placement for your system.

3. Using Poor Quality Components

Using low-quality components in a misting system can lead to premature failure and costly repairs. When installing a misting system, it's essential to use high-quality components designed specifically for misting systems to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Components to consider when installing a misting system include the pump, tubing, nozzles, and fittings. The pump should be durable and powerful enough to support the number of nozzles in the system. Tubing should be made of high-quality materials that are resistant to UV rays and water damage. Nozzles should be made of corrosion-resistant materials and designed to produce a fine mist. Fittings should be leak-proof and easy to install.

4. Neglecting Regular Maintenance

Like any other system, misting systems require regular maintenance to function correctly. Neglecting regular maintenance can result in decreased performance, premature failure, and costly repairs.

It's essential to follow the manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule and perform regular inspections and cleaning. Maintenance tasks may include replacing worn or damaged components, cleaning the nozzles, checking the water quality, and lubricating moving parts.

5. Failing to Account for Water Quality

The quality of the water used in a misting system can significantly impact its performance and longevity. Poor-quality water can result in clogged nozzles, premature failure, and costly repairs.

Before installing a misting system, it's essential to test the water quality and address any issues that may impact the system's performance. Water should be tested regularly for contaminants such as minerals, bacteria, and algae. If the water quality is poor, treatments such as filtration, chlorination, or softening may be necessary to improve the water quality and prevent damage to the system.

In addition, it's important to use water that is appropriate for the climate and humidity level in the area. In areas with high humidity, using hard water can result in excess mineral buildup, leading to clogged nozzles and decreased cooling efficiency. In areas with low humidity, using soft water can result in excess moisture and potential damage to surfaces.


Installing a misting system can be a great way to cool outdoor spaces and improve comfort during hot weather. However, avoiding common mistakes is essential to ensure optimal performance and longevity of the system. By choosing the right type of system, placing nozzles strategically, using high-quality components, performing regular maintenance, and accounting for water quality, you can avoid common misting system installation mistakes and enjoy the benefits of a properly functioning system for years to come.

Truemist is a leading supplier of Dust suppression mist / fog cannon for Power plants, Steel Industry, Cement mills, demolition companies and many other industries in India.

A mist cannon dust suppression system is a mobile equipment that is designed and manufactured by TrueMist and offers extremely high performance in the dust suppression area. Using a fog cannon is the best choice for dust control in the demolition and construction industries. TrueMist Spray Systems has created low maintenance and long-lasting dust suppression fog cannons that can be customized in design and engineered based on the client’s requirements, as per the operating area and external environment. 

If dust is not handled properly, it can reduce the usefulness of the operations and affect the expenses on the same. It can also cause serious harm to the health and wellness of the laborer’s working in and around the area. 

The biggest advantages of using a dust suppression fog cannon is the successful control of dust particles of PM10 and PM2.5. the dust control can be done successfully with less than 0.5% of moisture volume added by the product. The low installation costs and no requirement of expensive equipment modification makes this an ideal choice for dust control. 

A fog cannon can highly compress water with the help of fog nozzles and transform water into fog through the process of atomization. This fine fog is then distributed through air with a fan. The airborne dust clashes with the fine fog and the dust particles are caught along with the water. Due to the increased weight the dust falls back down to the floor and does not spread. 

There are various types of fog cannons available such as: 

Fog cannons are an upcoming choice for successful dust control in construction and demolition sites, water dissipation in mines, quarriers and other industrial locations. This is on the condition that they can be effectively set up and are the ideal choice for that given environment. 

TrueMist is known for providing the most operationally strong and practical dust cannons and is the leading manufacturer and distributor of the same. 

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Dust suppression in mines is extremely important and helps in improving the working environment for employees and can help in meeting the norms and regulations of the mining development and authorities. TrueMist Spray is among the leading manufacturer and supplier of dust suppression systems specially designed for coal mines. 

Using a mining dust suppression system can help in reducing the settlement of mining particles an and around the site that can cause harm to the environment of health hazards to people. The mining dust that is below 10 microns is known to cause lung diseases and respirator aggravations that can be life threatening. 

There are various steps in the overall mining process that can cause this harm such as the unearthing locations or the processing factories. Traditional modes of dust suppression may not be entirely effective in today’s world. The use of low-pressure models takes enormous water and can lead to high overhead expenses. 

Using the dust suppression systems created by TrueMist will help in overcoming all these shortcomings and ensure low utilization of water with much better results. 

Our dust suppression system thing range is very standard, generally around saw, and steadily got comfortable the dust tainting control equipment class across India.The dust suppression system has been attempted warily across industries including power, coal, steel and various industries.The best of all dust control systems consumes lesser energy and water and thus is a more judicious, sensible, and supportive. The sprinkle method has exhibited to have 90% more unmistakable efficiency when stood out from various kinds of the settling and dust control systems.

 While the dust suppression system can be genuinely worked with, in like manner has the nozzles that can be changed subsequently. Hence, you can without a doubt cover all zones. The machine furthermore has the adaptable level feature and the convenient system can be controlled for its span too.

Dust control management and suppression systems for stone crushers and industrial areas can be found at TrueMist. As leading industrial dust control manufacturers, our customers are extremely satisfied with the dust control technology that is provided. We have been in the business for over 10 years and through headway and refinement of our industry driving dust control frameworks we are satisfied to continue to offer top notch help in dust concealment development for all our clients. 

At TrueMist we provide free site evaluations to help you understand the ideal requirements for dust control. With a team of highly trained specialists,we are here to provide the perfect dust suppression solution for your customized needs. 

Dust free environments improve the health and productivity of workers and ensure the longevity of the equipment and machinery and ensure that the government norms and regulations are properly met. This will help in reducing the total operational costs for the business. The success of dust suppression depends on the combination of the materials and the suppressant that are used for the suppression output. 

While using dust suppression, it is important to ensure that the system is placed as close to the exchange point of dust as possible regardless of the use of water or other surfactant and water bled that may be used for suppression. This way, the dust is actually controlled within a short span before it moves to any other part of the location. 

This system makes use of high-pressure equipment that can be electronically controlled from a far-off board away from the immediate site. Using a dust control system can also help a mining plant or quarries reach the ideal discharge guidelines in intense areas such as screening and crushing plants. Parts of the dust control system can be completely customized and automated that will be accessible with remote controllers and help in wiping out the electrical link that is interfacing the dust control board.

Across India, TrueMist is a leading manufacturer, supplier and integrator of dry fog systems and dry fog nozzles for dust suppression applications. To effectively control dust in the source itself and to ensure that the surrounding environment is well kept and clean, a dry fog dust suppression system can be used. This system largely comprises of a specialized process set up that combines atomization of water that creates a fog so as to agglomerate the dust particles and settles the same on the surface. This will ensure that the dust is controlled and does not fly or spread. 

Dry fog is created with a special combination of water at a low pressure and compacted air with the help of ultrasonic nozzles. This dry fog contains numerous miniature droplets that are created within the dust suppression system itself. TrueMist has designed special and advanced dust suppression systems that can yield maximum results. The designs of the dry fog system depend on external factors like the surrounding environment and the size of dust particles in that area. 

Dry fog dust suppression systems are now becoming the go-to choice for effective dust control especially in plants that deal with mass materials. The use of dust suppression systems has become the new normal and is a viable investment that will help in dealing with unwanted dust pollution that disregards the natural environment and is even harmful to the machines, equipment’s and human life.  These systems also give the added advantage of dealing with contamination issues as the dust is held within the actual material. 

The dry fog system designed and manufactured by TrueMist has the added ability to create extremely fine homogenous dry fog that can create water drops of 1 to 10 microns leading to high standards of execution for dust suppression. 

The dry fog nozzles work by soaking the surrounding climatic conditions with a volume of fog in which the dust particles are trapped with water molecules of similar size. The dry fog nozzles of TrueMist Spray are up to international standards with own in house production.

Mines that extract coal generally have two main wellsprings that should be kept in mind. Starting with the coal itself, a material that is utilized in the moving of coal. Conveyor  Belt materials is generally idle but when it is warmed by an outer method it will lead to the creation of dust. This can also be brought about by the hot consuming coal stacked onto the belt or the use of hot metal rollers that are warmed by the belt slip. Coal can be heated in two ways, first by coming into contact with hot surfaces and second by self-ignition in a sudden manner. 

This can lead to sudden accidents that can be reduced or avoided with the help of a fire control gear. To ensure that the system does not fail when it is needed the most, it is vital to have a powerful and archived assessment to test the support program. 

A sprinkler system can be used for this purpose. This system basically comprises of lines of pipes that are placed along the ground lever or roof that contains water under pressure. An extra wellspring of water can be added for a consistent flow. Program sprinklers are then set at selected areas. If a fire breaks out, the seal in the sprinkler head will break at a pre-set temperature and the water flow is allowed at a consistent rate. 

There are two main forms of water sprinklers systems that are commonly available- wet pipe system and dry pipe system. The wet pipe system is the most common and well-known system that ensures water is in the lines with a consistent flow that is delivered when warmth bursts the seal in a sprinkler head. This system can be used effectively when freezing is no danger to its activity. 

The dry pipe system is extremely useful when frigid air temperatures and broken lines can become an issue as the pneumatic stress is maintained in the lines until the sprinkler head bursts. When the air escapes, water can freely enter the line and exit through the opened sprinklers. However, dry pipe systems are not as effective as wet pipe systems in the initial stages of a fire. 

TrueMist has created specialized dust suppression systems that can atomize water in order to create fog that helps in controlling dust. Dry fog can be easily created with a combination of water at low pressure and compacted air that is passed through atomizing nozzles. The fog that is created contains millions of waters drops that are created in miniature size.

Dust free conditions work on the wellbeing and efficiency of laborers and guarantee the life span of the hardware and apparatus and guarantee that the public authority standards and guidelines are appropriately met. This will help in decreasing the absolute functional expenses for the business. The progress of dust suppression relies upon the mix of the materials and the suppressant that are utilized for the suppression yield.

While utilizing dust suppression, it is vital to guarantee that the system is put as near the trade point of dust as conceivable no matter what the utilization of water or other surfactant and water drained that might be utilized for suppression. Along these lines, the dust is really controlled inside a limited capacity to focus it moves to some other piece of the area.

This system utilizes high-pressure hardware that can be electronically controlled from a distant board away from the prompt site. Utilizing a dust control system can likewise help a mining plant or quarries arrive at the ideal release rules in extraordinary regions like screening and pounding plants. Portions of the dust control system can be totally modified and mechanized that will be available with far off regulators and help in clearing out the electrical connection that is communicating the dust control board.

There are various advantages of using dust suppression systems such as reducing the dust exposure and pollution to the plant surroundings and the working staff in and around the site location. The crude material wastages are also minimized and cost is saved.
The dry fog nozzles of TrueMist work by soaking the nearby locations with a good volume of fog which traps the dust particles but also does not add any unwanted humidity.

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