December 10, 2021

DIY Misting System for greenhouse

What is a green house misting system

A green house misting Cooling system is a method of using evaporative mist to cool down plants in a green house naturally. It uses a specially engineered evaporation principle to ensure that the plants are cultivated in a comfortable environment by ensuring the right humidity and temperature of the green house. 

This system is nowadays used by homeowners to develop their own greenhouse or plantation in their free land or garden as hobby. Our system incorporates very effectively for residential and commercial use and has the ease of installation.

Advantages of using a misting system:

  • Reduces temperature in green house
  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Maintains a humidity level above 30%
  • Enhances ventilation and shading 
  • Helps avoid overheating 
  • Easier maintenance of plants by creating growth favourable environment 

Green house fogging system

This system incorporates micro-particles of water (fog) into the air which remain long enough without being evaporated or wetting the crops. A special nozzle helps distribute the fog uniformly all over the green house. This nozzle produces water droplets are of the size smaller than 5 microns in diameter and with a pressure of 70 bar. 

The nozzles are strategically placed across the green house to ensure that all plants are maintained at the right level of humidity and have a conducive environment for growth. 

High pressure fogging systems are used in various sectors of the green house to provide a controlled evaporation and drip for the plants. This ensures that the plants are harvested at the desired time without any hassle. 

For plants to thrive in a green house it is essential to have the perfect temperature throughout the year. In warmer months the heat reduces the level of humidity which causes the plants to wilt. The ideal humidity level for most plants is 50-70%. 

A misting system contains a high-pressure misting pump through which water is pressurized and released through special nozzles.   

In conclusion, a green house misting system will ensure that indoor plants have the perfect environment for growth with minimal cost to the client and a simple instillation and use. 

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