September 29, 2021

DIY Misting System | How to Build a Misting System

Have you at any point been outside on one of those truly sweltering midyear days espically in the month of April, May or June? 

You need to invest energy outside with your companions however the sun keeps you remaining inside. 

I will show you an incredible method to make a substantial mister so you can partake in the outside during those hot days. 

Misters are incredible in light of the fact that they give sufficient water to keep however cool yet don't douse your attire. 

I needed this set up to fit under a 10 by 10 shade tent, yet this can be adjusted to work with any patio or working with a hose association close by. 

I additionally needed it to be handily detached and moved to different areas. 

Things Needed for DIY misting system

- 10 x 10 Canopy 

- (5) 1/2 inch PVC Pipe 

- (4) 1/2 inch Elbows 

- (4) 1/2 inch Screw-together Couplings 

- (1) On/Off valve 

- (1) 1/2 inch End cap 

- (1) 1/2 inch PVC Hose Connector 

- (20) SS Screw-in or Push fit Misting Nozzles 

- Drill bit/Thread creator 

- PVC stick 

- PVC Cutters 

Setting up the Pipes 

I began with somewhere in the range of 1/2 inch PVC pipe since it is effectively accessible at most home improvement stores. 

I additionally bought some little copper screw-in misting tips that give about a large portion of a gallon of fume each hour. 

The initial step was to gauge the shade, and the best mounting areas ended up being at 9 feet 6 inches. 

So that will be the length on every one of the four side lines. 

To associate each corner I chose to utilize an elbow and a screw together coupling. 

The coupling will consider simple dismantling. 

While sticking these pieces together I ensured the female finish of the multitude of couplings was appended to the elbows. 

This will assist with guaranteeing the lines are widespread to one another I then, at that point, stuck them to the lines. 

Next I estimated the required 9 and ½ feet on the lines, left an imprint and afterward managed the sides. 

Introducing the Misting Nozzles 

Next up was penetrating the openings for every one of the misters. 

To make this simpler, I utilized a boring apparatus with the right string design (worked in) to make this a 1 stage measure. 

Adjusting to a Hose 

I then, at that point, chose to add a fifth line looking down on one corner to effortlessly interface the water source. 

To do that I required a hose connector

This can without much of a stretch be found in the sprinkler area at most home improvement stores. 

I additionally up reviewed the connector by supplanting the current elastic washer to a channel variant to assist with keeping garbage from obstructing the misters. 

In the upward line I additionally added an on off valve so the water could be closed off rapidly if necessary. 

At the highest point of this line I added an extra screw together coupling in the event I expected to alter it later on. 

The lines were almost finished. 

I simply expected to add an end cap to just one of the even lines to cover off the water stream out of the series of lines. 

Hanging to Use 

It was presently an ideal opportunity to hang the set up on the shelter utilizing some zip ties. 

The zip ties functioned admirably and permitted some change depending on the situation which made the system simple to collect. 

I then, at that point, stuck the leftover associations ensuring the point of the misters remained at the fitting areas. 

I additionally stuck the upward line and tied it to one of the legs of the tent. 

In the wake of giving the paste some an ideal opportunity to dry it was perused for a test. 

For the primary test there was a tad of spilling at the screw associations. So I added some Teflon tape in the middle of a portion of these joints, and it worked extraordinary. 

Every one of the parts functioned admirably together and the best part was the simplicity of dismantling. 

Simply unscrew the joints and cut the zip ties. 

Then, at that point, you can undoubtedly store the lines in a vehicle to move.

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