October 2, 2022

Dry Fog System

Across India, TrueMist is a leading manufacturer, supplier and integrator of dry fog systems and dry fog nozzles for dust suppression applications. To effectively control dust in the source itself and to ensure that the surrounding environment is well kept and clean, a dry fog dust suppression system can be used. This system largely comprises of a specialized process set up that combines atomization of water that creates a fog so as to agglomerate the dust particles and settles the same on the surface. This will ensure that the dust is controlled and does not fly or spread. 

Dry fog is created with a special combination of water at a low pressure and compacted air with the help of ultrasonic nozzles. This dry fog contains numerous miniature droplets that are created within the dust suppression system itself. TrueMist has designed special and advanced dust suppression systems that can yield maximum results. The designs of the dry fog system depend on external factors like the surrounding environment and the size of dust particles in that area. 

Dry fog dust suppression systems are now becoming the go-to choice for effective dust control especially in plants that deal with mass materials. The use of dust suppression systems has become the new normal and is a viable investment that will help in dealing with unwanted dust pollution that disregards the natural environment and is even harmful to the machines, equipment’s and human life.  These systems also give the added advantage of dealing with contamination issues as the dust is held within the actual material. 

The dry fog system designed and manufactured by TrueMist has the added ability to create extremely fine homogenous dry fog that can create water drops of 1 to 10 microns leading to high standards of execution for dust suppression. 

The dry fog nozzles work by soaking the surrounding climatic conditions with a volume of fog in which the dust particles are trapped with water molecules of similar size. The dry fog nozzles of TrueMist Spray are up to international standards with own in house production.

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