October 2, 2022

Dust Control for Mines

Dust suppression in mines is extremely important and helps in improving the working environment for employees and can help in meeting the norms and regulations of the mining development and authorities. TrueMist Spray is among the leading manufacturer and supplier of dust suppression systems specially designed for coal mines. 

Using a mining dust suppression system can help in reducing the settlement of mining particles an and around the site that can cause harm to the environment of health hazards to people. The mining dust that is below 10 microns is known to cause lung diseases and respirator aggravations that can be life threatening. 

There are various steps in the overall mining process that can cause this harm such as the unearthing locations or the processing factories. Traditional modes of dust suppression may not be entirely effective in today’s world. The use of low-pressure models takes enormous water and can lead to high overhead expenses. 

Using the dust suppression systems created by TrueMist will help in overcoming all these shortcomings and ensure low utilization of water with much better results. 

Our dust suppression system thing range is very standard, generally around saw, and steadily got comfortable the dust tainting control equipment class across India.The dust suppression system has been attempted warily across industries including power, coal, steel and various industries.The best of all dust control systems consumes lesser energy and water and thus is a more judicious, sensible, and supportive. The sprinkle method has exhibited to have 90% more unmistakable efficiency when stood out from various kinds of the settling and dust control systems.

 While the dust suppression system can be genuinely worked with, in like manner has the nozzles that can be changed subsequently. Hence, you can without a doubt cover all zones. The machine furthermore has the adaptable level feature and the convenient system can be controlled for its span too.

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