July 22, 2021

Dust Control Misting System: Dust Free and Environmentally Compliant

Dust Control Misting System is a cost-effective and environmentally compliant way to reduce dust in industries. This misting system helps reduce coal plant, sand quarries, mining sites and construction sites’ dust pollution. With stringent norms for pollution control by governments around the world, it has become more important than ever to find an effective solution for controlling dust at these locations!

Industry-specific dust control misting systems are the most effective way to help reduce pollution at these locations. The system provides a water mist that is blown in an upward direction, where it then condenses as it cools and falls back down onto surfaces. This eliminates the need for chemical or organic solutions that might be detrimental to health of staffs in industries and factories.

Dust Suppression System for coal mines and crusher units also helps industries free from dust and environmental complaints. The system reduces the presence of particulates in the air by as much as 90% through a series of wetting, cooling, drying cycles that reduce airborne dust particles to sizes where they can no longer be inhaled or seen. This not only makes environments healthier for staff but also reduces the risk of dust fires.

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