October 2, 2022

Dust suppression system for crusher plants

Dust control management and suppression systems for stone crushers and industrial areas can be found at TrueMist. As leading industrial dust control manufacturers, our customers are extremely satisfied with the dust control technology that is provided. We have been in the business for over 10 years and through headway and refinement of our industry driving dust control frameworks we are satisfied to continue to offer top notch help in dust concealment development for all our clients. 

At TrueMist we provide free site evaluations to help you understand the ideal requirements for dust control. With a team of highly trained specialists,we are here to provide the perfect dust suppression solution for your customized needs. 

Dust free environments improve the health and productivity of workers and ensure the longevity of the equipment and machinery and ensure that the government norms and regulations are properly met. This will help in reducing the total operational costs for the business. The success of dust suppression depends on the combination of the materials and the suppressant that are used for the suppression output. 

While using dust suppression, it is important to ensure that the system is placed as close to the exchange point of dust as possible regardless of the use of water or other surfactant and water bled that may be used for suppression. This way, the dust is actually controlled within a short span before it moves to any other part of the location. 

This system makes use of high-pressure equipment that can be electronically controlled from a far-off board away from the immediate site. Using a dust control system can also help a mining plant or quarries reach the ideal discharge guidelines in intense areas such as screening and crushing plants. Parts of the dust control system can be completely customized and automated that will be accessible with remote controllers and help in wiping out the electrical link that is interfacing the dust control board.

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