October 2, 2022

Fog and Mist cannons

Truemist is a leading supplier of Dust suppression mist / fog cannon for Power plants, Steel Industry, Cement mills, demolition companies and many other industries in India.

A mist cannon dust suppression system is a mobile equipment that is designed and manufactured by TrueMist and offers extremely high performance in the dust suppression area. Using a fog cannon is the best choice for dust control in the demolition and construction industries. TrueMist Spray Systems has created low maintenance and long-lasting dust suppression fog cannons that can be customized in design and engineered based on the client’s requirements, as per the operating area and external environment. 

If dust is not handled properly, it can reduce the usefulness of the operations and affect the expenses on the same. It can also cause serious harm to the health and wellness of the laborer’s working in and around the area. 

The biggest advantages of using a dust suppression fog cannon is the successful control of dust particles of PM10 and PM2.5. the dust control can be done successfully with less than 0.5% of moisture volume added by the product. The low installation costs and no requirement of expensive equipment modification makes this an ideal choice for dust control. 

A fog cannon can highly compress water with the help of fog nozzles and transform water into fog through the process of atomization. This fine fog is then distributed through air with a fan. The airborne dust clashes with the fine fog and the dust particles are caught along with the water. Due to the increased weight the dust falls back down to the floor and does not spread. 

There are various types of fog cannons available such as: 

  • Standalone fog Cannons with Manual Swivel Option.
  • Standalone fog Cannons with Automatic Swivel Option.
  • Standalone fog Cannons with Remote Control Tilting and Turning Option.
  • Dust Suppression Tank system mounted on Truck.
  • Mist Cannon with Tank

Fog cannons are an upcoming choice for successful dust control in construction and demolition sites, water dissipation in mines, quarriers and other industrial locations. This is on the condition that they can be effectively set up and are the ideal choice for that given environment. 

TrueMist is known for providing the most operationally strong and practical dust cannons and is the leading manufacturer and distributor of the same. 

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