May 15, 2020

Leading Misting System Integrator and supplier in India

Truemist misting system is the Leading Misting System Integrator and supplier in India based out of Chennai. Our Efficient Misting systems are wide applications including homes, commercial places, organizations, Corporations, Industries, Farms, and other places for a wide variety of applications. we provide a misting system to reduce temperature to maintain ambiance and humidification in Farms and Industries. Our system is cost-effective and helps in cooling the environment with reduced energy consumption.We offer high-quality products at an affordable price as per customer requirements. We have the best technology and our products are manufactured by using advanced modern units under a highly professional team of experts. Our misting system features Easy to operate & clean, reduces ambient temperature with less energy consumption, a quality misting system at an affordable price, durable and rigid. We offer various advanced features including integration with timers, moisture controller, Temperature controller, Remote monitoring, Remote control, and other advanced system integration

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