Misting Cooling System and Misting System supplier in  Assam

Manufacturers, Suppliers and Integrators of Misting and mist cooling system in Assam with installation spread in various cities including Tinsukia, Guwahati. Mist Cooling systems use evaporated cooling mechanism and it works perfectly in dry weather conditions. They work averagely in humid weather conditions and can reduce dust, odors and static electricity, as well as flying insects such as Mosquitoes, Bugs etc. It also helps to regulate and maintain humidity for Plants, Greenhouses, Homes, Atrium, Courtyards, Patios, Hotels, Restaurants, etc.

Our Installations in Assam

Hotels and Resturant in Tinusukia

Tea processing plants in Guwahati


Beaches, swimming pools, aqua parks, holiday villages, Walkways (cooling, scenic performance)
Resorts (cooling, humidification, scenic performance)
Bars, Restaurants, Hotels (cooling, scenic performance)
Factory farming (cooling, insect removal)
Greenhouses (humidification, cooling)
Animal Farms (Cooling)
Industrial warehouses (cooling, humidification, dust and odors suppression)
Wineries (humidification, cooling)
Quarries (dust suppression)
Truemist Misting and Fogging System
Near Arohan Bhawan,Kushal Konwar Path
Bordoloi Nagar, Tinsukia 786125 .Assam
CONTACT : +91-86100 00128
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