Leading manufacturer of Commercial Misting cooling Systems in India. Commercial misting kits help cools the environment with lowest cost.


TRUEMIST Misting System offers innovative, high-performance misting systems for commercial places. Commercial mist spray systems are mainly used in opne and semi open areas as regular cooling tehnologies are expensive and not energy efficient. so Misting cooling system is preferred. Mist system with mist fan makes effective cooling in commercial spaces.

Misting system in commercial places generally used for cooling and dust suppression applications espcially in Restruants, Shopping malls, patio and Petrol Stations.

Is it accurate to say that you are hoping to add a mist system or misting fan to your mechanical property? Regardless of whether you have an patio, amusement park, tennis court, fairway, eatery, or inn, a mist system can keep your property cool and your benefactors agreeable. To guarantee legitimate establishment, put resources into a solid, top notch misting system. 

TrueMist offers a few unique sorts of misting pumps, just as totally adjustable choices. At TrueMist, we spend significant time in misting systems for outside cooling and indoor cooling, improving your business' wonderful landscape and the solace level of your clients. 

How Do Misting Systems Work? 

For compelling stickiness and temperature control, TrueMist uses two key components: atomized water and an all around planned dissemination system. We utilize a blend of high-pressure fog pumps and fogging nozzles to make atomized water. Through this interaction, our systems can deliver billions of micron-sized drops each moment. Our planners then, at that point, utilize their industry ability to decide the quantity of fogging nozzles expected to balance the air swapping scale. With this technique, we can upgrade humidification and cooling. 

TrueMist restrictive line of misting fan items are intended to equitably disseminate fog and work on the retention of dampness. Our misting systems lessen pinnacles and box in mist creation, prompting more productive cooling for your business. TrueMist misting systems are ideally suited for chilling off outside regions, as our remarkable plan permits water to streak dissipate, cutting down temperatures without added wetness. 

Advantages of Commercial Misting Systems 

Cooling an enormous stockroom, carnival, tennis field, café, or other modern regions can be costly. That is the reason TrueMist offers a wide assortment of misting systems that lower temperatures and surprisingly cut expenses related with energy utilization. 

Our misting systems are great for keeping supporters cool and agreeable in open air regions, yet can likewise be utilized to keep kids cool on jungle gyms or keep domesticated animals cool during the warm midyear months. Utilizing TrueMist, cooling systems, and fog-decks, TrueMist guarantees that your business is flawlessly finished, and your supporters are kept cool during open air eating or open air exercises. 

Fogscaping: Our interesting high-pressure fog system cools the outside and works on open air scenes. 

Cooling system: We utilize a progression of nozzles to dissipate water and lessen temperature through deck mist systems and different method for open air cooling. 

Fog-deck: Our protected mist system is set over a pool's water line to change it into a tropical heaven. 

TrueMist’s novel plan and creation techniques permit our misting fans to cool and humidify more effectively than different fans available. We fabricate and plan our misting systems to guarantee they keep going long and require little upkeep. Every one of our fans utilizes high-pressure 1000 PSI pumps for ideal execution.

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