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Ultra fine fogging shrinks to under 5 microns mist spray are possible accordingly guaranteeing the delicate crest of water droplets stay in suspension until evaporative cooling happens. When supplemented with our uncommon water valve get together, the unit turns into an exceptionally productive self cleaning humidifier. Ultrafine fogging systems are best for precision spray application where particle size less than 10 micron is desired.

The hard core stainless steel water valve is constrained by a similar packed air supply used to actuate the nozzle. A basic on/off sign is needed to initiate the system and when the sign is taken out, the water valve self cleans the spout each time by overwhelming overabundance water, fundamentally diminishing lime, salts and chalk develop.

In huge modern and business applications, nozzles can be mounted in the rooftop space to raise dampness levels without over misting. Critical focal points might be accomplished without diminishing perceivability and security. Manufacturing plants where swelled humidification is required can be financially improved. The dry mist humidifiers are deliberately situated to give an even stickiness level. Mains water can be utilized joining a water purifier and because of the remarkable self-cleaning plan, there is no danger of hindered nozzles.

Our ultrasonic misting system is ideal for increasing the level of relative humidity within a room by introducing moisture back into the air without causing wetness and can be spanned across various applications that require the droplet size to be below 5 microns.

Areas of Application:

Food processing plants
Automotive industry
Horticulture and Floriculture
Timber Storage
Cold storages
Mushroom Farming
ultrasonic hydroponic foggers are used to create a fine mist, the individual particle size of which is typically of about 5 µm in diameter. These fine particles are capable of carrying nutrients from the standing water of a reservoir to plant roots. Benefits include humidification and exponentially improved root exposure to oxygen.
Ultrasonic hydroponic foggers can be used in conjunction with prior advances such as aeroponic misters or even ebb and flow systems to help improve humidity levels (mimicking a rainforest canopy) and increase nutrient absorption, thus boosting growth rates. Research into standalone fogger-supported hydroponic growing is underway.


How do they work?

The liquid that flows through the nozzle atomizes to form particles lesser than 10 microns using Pulse Width Modulation.

Is this a high-pressure system?

No. It’s a low-pressure system but the dry fog is created by Pulse Width Modulation.
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