Leading manufacturer of Misting system to evoprate waste water in India


TrueMist Misting and Fogging systems offers two type of wastewater mist evoprator including mist cannons for large evoprations and misting using high pressure pumps and nozzles. Our mist evopration technique helps to adhere to Pollution control norms. We manufactuer and supply waste water treatment equipments for evaporation.

Waste water evoprators using mist offers low cost solutions and we are the leading manufacturer and integrator of waste water mist evaporator in India.

Areas of Application:

Food processing plants
Chemical Processing units
Organic products processing units
Paper production units
Milk processing factory
Waste water handling units
Metal finishing units
Our mist evopration technique helps to adhere to Pollution control norms


How do they work?

High pressure nozzle atomizes to form particles lesser than 50 microns at high pressure through triplex pump

Is this a high-pressure system evopration technique?

What type of high pressure pump used for water evopration?

Any chemical needs to be mixed for water mist evoprator?

Depends. Odor Suppression chemicals can be added to the waste water based on the nature of the waste water.
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