Misting and Fogging system maintenance and Installation Service


Truemist provides Misting system and fogging cooling system installation service throughout India. In addition to installation, maintenance and repair, we also offers AMC in specific cities. We provide all the service irrespective of your existing supplier.

Our maintenance includes following items.
> Cleaning of mist nozzles
> replacement of wornout tubes
> Repairing the pumps
> Replacment of leaky connectors and Ferrules
> Resolve electrical problem
> Installation of timers, thermostat, temperature and Humidity controller
> Relocation of misting pump or the misting lines
> Resolving misting system dripping issues
> Fogging system troubleshooting
> Misting system troubleshooting
> Providing misting system installation instructions and procedures to the customer or their representatives
 > and Many other customized service

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