October 30, 2021

Odor Control Misting for Bone Mills

Odor control systems are ideal for treatment of the odor or eliminating odors associated with waste treatment facilities, microbial decomposition of organic waste, and noxious volatile compounds. Using the fog nozzles to spray odor-neutralizing materials (by others) as odor abatement for landfills and wastewater treatment facilities, hog barns, cattle, and chicken grow-out house odors can be effectively removed.

Odor control systems provide a safe and economical method of eliminating odors. Fog system is particularly effective with all natural neutralizing products.

A totally self-contained ULV (ultra-low-volume) fogging system that siphons liquid from any source to mask, encapsulate or counteract odors at indoor or outdoor problem areas.

Whether it’s a pond, compactor room, waste-water treatment building, trash-transfer site, hospital burn-room or landfill, we have single or multiple nozzle units using quiet, compressed air nozzles to produce fog to cover your problem area with low chemical usage and excellent, uniform atomization of liquids.

Odor Control

Our quiet, built-in compressor and air-atomizing fog nozzle produce excellent atomization to disperse a fine, non-wetting fog into open air, rooms, corridors, ducts or outdoors without wetting the floor and wasting your chemical dollars.

Designed for long life, our polished aluminum enclosed fogger is capable of uniform atomization, adjustable flow control valve for any type chemicals (water or oil base) and will operate on/off all day using the intermittent-timer.

Odour measurement and control operations

TrueMist helps operators to assess the odour impact from their Bone Mill Plant and waste management and to develop and implement the best strategies to reduce both odour emissions and their impact.

We can assist you in integrating best practices into the process, and in drafting and implementing an odour management plan.

In case of continued discomfort caused by odors, we will advise you on end-of-pipe technology treatment such as chemical washing, biotrickling filters or biofiltration.

Problems with off-site odour nuisance are caused at various industrial processes, including product processing, various bone related processing methods, rendering, waste treatment and chemical areas. Odour nuisance can result in complaints from people living in an area close to your factory, which often leads to negative publicity and media attention. In extreme situations it can even to fines, legal actions or closure by local or national authorities.

A solution to odors from industrial processes is always a combination of dedicated measures within the boundary limits of a plant. Persistently and inventively we look beyond the current boundaries of air purification and contribute our ideas throughout the entire process.

Bone Mills, Gelatin factory odor eliminator | Odor contronl system for organic waste processing units

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