Humidification misting System for Tea Industry

Humidification misting System for Tea Industry | Tea processing units humidification


Humidification misting System for Tea Industry

Moist atmosphere favors tea development in the estate and the correct relative humidity level is vital for convert the picked leaves into quality tea during preparation.

During oxidation (likewise called maturation), cautious control of temperature and moistness is especially significant. This cycle gives the correct conditions to the polyphenol in wilted leaves to form into the theaflavins, thearugibins and different mixes that make the trademark flavors and shade of dark teas, Pouchong and oolongs.

On the off chance that leaves dry, oxidation eases back as water is needed for the cycle. An encompassing relative dampness of 95-98%RH at 20-26°C is needed to look after aging, and even a little drop in mugginess level will influence the cycle, decreasing yield humidification of different stages, for example, in tea sack creation to decrease electrostatic issues, likewise improve efficiency.

Tea drinking is developing universally, and customers need quality and decision, makers are feeling the squeeze than any time in recent memory to satisfy quantities at the ideal quality.

In the event that you can't depend on the atmosphere to give the correct conditions normally, humidification from TrueMIST is demonstrated to give a predictable and beneficial creation climate.

Benefits of TrueMIST Humidification systems:

  • Guaranteed high mugginess (95-98%) for maturation/oxidation, whatever the outside conditions
  • Evenly spread dampness all through conventional floor and plate maturation rooms, and reliable RH in CTC aging - significant preferences contrasted with customary turning circle humidifiers
  • Reduced leaf discoloration and spotting - decreased waste, better return
  • Pre-aging humidification of rolling and cutting - decreases drying of broken edges
  • Faster machine speeds and decreased residue creation in teabag creation however electrostatic end
  • Confidence in your speculation - TrueMIST has a solid record of improved quality, profitability and fast degree of profitability in the tea business
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