Monoblock Pump Low Pressure Misting System

Monoblock Pump Low Pressure Misting System manufacturer and supplier in India | Works at 10 bar pressure.




Mono block Low pressure misting system. Best for reducing the tempreature upto 3 degrees and watering the area. Works at a pressure of 10 bar.


  • Best suitable for dust suppression, Terrace gardens and Indoor / Outdoor cooling like Portico.
  • Always keep the pump below the tank level to increase the suction and achieve maximum pressure.
  • Misting is possible only at high pressure
  • Liquids used should be free from debris and sediments as it affects the performance of the mist nozzles.
  • Adjust the pressure to the mist nozzles by opening the liquid return line accordingly. A certain quantity of
  • water should be sent in the return line for optimal performance.
  • Shutting the liquid return line to the tank completely affects the performance of the pump and hence causes
  • heating and affects the overall performance of the system.
  • Use enough Teflon tapes where ever necessary in Joints and threads.
  • Advised to deploy a plumber during initial setup.
  • 16 meters of PU hose supplied with the setup.
  • Install the nozzles on the sides of the subject at an approximate angle of 45 degrees from sides for maximum
  • performance.
  • Use a plastic tag to tie the nozzles/hose to the poles or structure.
  • Clean and maintain the system and nozzles periodically.


The application requires wetting like crushing.

  • Large Particles Dust Suppression
  • Watering Plants at preidoic intervals.
  • Curing Process
  • Humidification Processing


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