Military Cooling Systems

Misting System for Military bunkers


TrueMist’s Military cooling systems are of incredible advantage to the courageous people that make up our military. The capacity to offer the parts of the tactical convenient cooling systems to keep those serving in outrageous warmth cool is something we are glad to do. You'll discover military convenient misting fans from the business' driving producers on our site. Progressed Misting Systems is focused on giving the absolute best such hardware to the military at the most reasonable costs online today. The penances our battling people make for us ought to never be neglected. The constructive outcome our tactical versatile cooling trailer fans can have for those serving in unwavering conditions is vital to us. We trust you'll set aside the effort to dive deeper into the numerous incredible systems accessible to you on our simple to utilize site. We accept you'll track down the ideal cooling system to permit your soldiers a cycle of help. 

People serving in the military are regularly shipped off areas of the planet wherein outrageous warmth is a lifestyle. Our tactical cooling systems take into consideration a break from that warmth, and permit troops to remain cool and keep away from the dangers of overheating. 

Warmth is a genuine wellbeing danger inside military defensively covered vehicles where the air temperature can surpass 150F (66C), compounded by high moistness. Resilience seasons of the group ran around 1-2 hours without cooling, resistance was roughly reach out to basically 5.5 hours with fluid cooling piece of clothing during encompassing 44C preliminary. 

TrueMist cooling units help war fighters, airplane pilots and vehicle groups to upgrade mission adequacy, increment fight beat and broaden officer's body perseverance in hot encompassing conditions. 


We offer an assortment of makes and models of military compact misting Fans/Blowers 

All of our tactical versatile cooling systems are effectively movable 

The cooling systems you'll discover on our site come from the business' driving makers and are accessible at very aggressive costs 

It is our honor to give cooling systems that the military can depend on to keep their soldiers cool in antagonistic conditions, and we are here to assist you with discovering the perfect gear to get it going.

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