1000 psi Direct Drive Misting Pump

Direct drive High pressure misting pump supplier in india | Get misting pumps from industry leaders including Inter Pumps, Riggers Pumps, Pratissoli, Xylem, CAT Pumps, Annovi Reverberi and HAWK



Truemist Misting and Fogging systems offers high pressure misting pumps in various capacities. We offer pressure pumps from various manufacturers including the following.

Inter Pumps
Pratissoli Pumps
CAT Pumps
Annovi Reverberi Pumps
HAWK Pumps
Riggers Pumps


70 kg/cm2 (1000 PSI) Misting Pump Capacity misting pumps can handle up to 300 misting nozzles

Features and specification of misting pumps:

Pressure range - 70 kg/cm2 (1000 psi) to 200 kg/cm2

Driven motor capacity : 3 HP to 10 HP

Output LPM: 4 LPM to 20 LPM



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