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High-pressure Restaurant Mist Cooling System is quite possibly the best, and productive, technique accessible for cooling open and outside regions. Restaurant Misting have been utilized worldwide for cooling Hotels, resorts, restaurants, and bars outside seating zones, terraces, and porches, just as occasion cooling and sports sidelines. They are likewise utilized in a large number of cruel modern, developments, fabricating, and farming settings for environment control, humidification, and residue concealment. 

High-Pressure Misting is an extremely powerful and effective approach to chill off enormous territories - even in high moist environments.

Mist Cooling works by forcing water through specifically designed High Pressure misting nozzles to create a fog of atomized fine water droplets. A High-Pressure Restaurant Misting System that produces between 50 and 70 bars uses a process called ‘flash evaporation, which occurs when the High-Pressure Misting is forced out through nozzles with very small orifices, such as 0.1, 0.2 or 0.3mm. It creates a very fine mist that results in a significant drop in temperature without wetness.

While a mist sprayers for restaurants can help keep patrons cool and comfortable to improve the dining experience, it produces fog cooling that evaporates almost instantly - leaving absolutely no wetness or moisture on the floor or eating tables. Anti-Drip Stainless Steel Mist Nozzles will ensure instant on/off effect without dripping on Customers. 

The misting framework Maximizes seating space by permitting outside seating for lunch and evening meals during even the most sizzling of climate. The misting system draws in incredible interest by clients who frequently really like to sit outside with the misting system working.

  • Enhance coffee shops' experience as a result of misting
  • Extend top client comfortability and extend seating time 
  • Improve the representative turnover rate 
  • Explain to clients that you were worried about their comfort levels

Therefore getting a misting system for your restaurant is a very cost-efficient way of cooling open or closed areas, especially during a pandemic, when air conditioners are not to be used.

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