Misting system for Playground Stadium and Sport Arena

Misting system for Playground Stadium and Sport Arena in India


Playground misting systems can decrease outside temperatures up to 7 to 10 degrees and ensure kids against the risks of heatstroke. Your children will be glad and stay revived while getting exercise with their companions. These high pressure misting systems keep your children cool in the warmth in playgrounds, play areas, schools and park jungle gyms. Your youngsters can play securely and agreeable for longer timeframes when they are cooler and appropriately hydrated.


As indicated by research, late spring is inconceivably occupied for outside settings with kids/young people out of school and school-age understudies taking a break at home.

Misting systems use high pressure nozzles to atomize drops down to under 30 microns which makes the fog streak vanish and cool the playground or play area. The higher the water pressure and the appropriate nozzles make the perfect measure of fog to cool the air without observable dampness or buildup.

This playground misting system works with high pressures, making it produce minute water drops that scatter and change into a fume. This fume is the thing that eliminates the warmth noticeable all around, so the region around is chilled off. The system delivers a dry fog that brings down the open air temperature by the most 15-20 degrees.

An approach to battle the immediate sunlight and warmth is to consolidate a misting system or other cooling innovation. Park and play ground creators have executed open-air cooling measures, for example, misting systems to keep the children hydrated and cool as they play. Therefore incorporating a misting system in playgrounds will prove to be the perfect solution.


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