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Product information

The TrueMIST Fog system uses high pressure pumps to pressurize treated supply water to between 1000 and 2000 psi. The stainless steel orifice of Fog nozzles atomize the water into billions of ultra-fine fog droplets. TrueMIST Fog systems do not require compressed air or heat. Direct pressure means there are few moving parts (none in the air handlers or the humidified space). The energy consumed is a small fraction of that required by other technologies, such as compressed air, ultra-sonic, or canister steam systems. Every TrueMIST Fog system is carefully and thoroughly engineered to fit the application. Our engineering staff will design the proper water treatment system and size the fog system based on building heat loads, ambient climate data, ventilation rates, etc.


Moisture regain is the ratio of the moisture to the bone-dry weight of the material expressed as a percentage. Many properties of textile materials vary considerably with moisture regain, which in turn is affected by the ambient Relative Humidity (RH) and Temperature. If a dry textile material is placed in a room with a particular set of ambient conditions, it absorbs moisture and in course of time, attains equilibrium.
Temperature alone does not have a great effect on the fibers. However the temperature dictates the amount of moisture the air will hold in suspension and , therefore, temperature and humidity must be considered together.

 Product Specifications

  •  Outside air temperature into the unit is lowered by up to 12°C.
  •  Energy consumption drops, saving electricity and money as much as 30%.
  •  Increases the efficiency of air-conditioning unit as much as 30%.
  •  Reduces system downtime.
  • Improves occupant comfort level.
  •  Substantially extends the life time of all A/C units.
  •  Environmental benefits – lower consumption kW reducing your carbon footprint.
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