October 2, 2022

Water sprinkler system for coal yards

Mines that extract coal generally have two main wellsprings that should be kept in mind. Starting with the coal itself, a material that is utilized in the moving of coal. Conveyor  Belt materials is generally idle but when it is warmed by an outer method it will lead to the creation of dust. This can also be brought about by the hot consuming coal stacked onto the belt or the use of hot metal rollers that are warmed by the belt slip. Coal can be heated in two ways, first by coming into contact with hot surfaces and second by self-ignition in a sudden manner. 

This can lead to sudden accidents that can be reduced or avoided with the help of a fire control gear. To ensure that the system does not fail when it is needed the most, it is vital to have a powerful and archived assessment to test the support program. 

A sprinkler system can be used for this purpose. This system basically comprises of lines of pipes that are placed along the ground lever or roof that contains water under pressure. An extra wellspring of water can be added for a consistent flow. Program sprinklers are then set at selected areas. If a fire breaks out, the seal in the sprinkler head will break at a pre-set temperature and the water flow is allowed at a consistent rate. 

There are two main forms of water sprinklers systems that are commonly available- wet pipe system and dry pipe system. The wet pipe system is the most common and well-known system that ensures water is in the lines with a consistent flow that is delivered when warmth bursts the seal in a sprinkler head. This system can be used effectively when freezing is no danger to its activity. 

The dry pipe system is extremely useful when frigid air temperatures and broken lines can become an issue as the pneumatic stress is maintained in the lines until the sprinkler head bursts. When the air escapes, water can freely enter the line and exit through the opened sprinklers. However, dry pipe systems are not as effective as wet pipe systems in the initial stages of a fire. 

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