Misting system for pig farms

Manufacturer and Supplier of Misting system for pig farms including pig misters and pig sprinklers.


Manufacturer and supplier of High pressure misting system including Pig misters and Pig sprinklers in India

Cooling pigs is an absolute necessity for each rancher during summer: the issue of heat stress is a marvel that happens during the summer season and leads the animals to bring down their internal heat level.

The rule of the mist is generally utilized in cultivating: the scattering of a mist of cool water, as fine drops suspended all around, permits heat trade among water and air:

  • Dissipation and saturating of the air
  • Cooling of the air,
  • Misting systems become helpful instruments for the administration of the air in animals structures particularly when heat strokes.
  • Notwithstanding the dominance of the climate (cooling and humidification), misting systems (high weight) offer different highlights:
  • Drenching of the structures for simple cleaning
  • Dust concealment
  • Cleansing of surrounding by joining of synthetic compounds.
  • There are even a few situations where the system is utilized for pneumonic immunization.

Some of the most basic precautions against the heat is assuring fans are working and that pigs have access to good air through proper ventilation is only the first step to preventing animal stress. Adding fog and mist nozzles are another safeguard often employed since pigs don’t have sweat glands.

Even eating behaviors are affected and altered by the increased stress, animals ingest less food to decrease the number of calories and this causes weight loss in fattening pigs and lower milk production for sows. Of course, this imbalance is reflected in the smaller pigs, more vulnerable and likely to become ill. However, if using misters, make sure water flow is sufficient for them to offer effective cooling since increasing relative humidity is counterproductive.

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